What is NBN?

The National Broadband Network in Australia is an open access data network project that includes wired and radio communication components and works by utilizing the fiber community to deliver data.

The introduction of NBN is an initiative from the government to upgrade the data network for enjoying fast broadband connections. With the increase in digitalization, copper wires often fail to offer high-speed services to the users. The fiber optic cables of NBN replace the old copper networks so that you can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and more reliable service.

NBN can be called Australia's digital future, which helps you get high-speed broadband connections at home and work


How to Connect to NBN?


You will need to connect to NBN via a modem. If you have FTTB (Fiber to the basement) or FTTN (Fiber to Node), then you may need a VDSL2 compatible modem. For Fiber to premises (FTTP) or fixed wireless connection, you will require a wireless router

How to choose a good NBN plan?


A good NBN plan requires an amalgamation of good speed, competitive price and reliability of the connection. NBN utilizes multiple connectivity options to cater to your varying requirements. It would help if you chose the NBN plan based on your condition. For instance, gamers will need a different NBN plan than senior citizens. Still confused, Choose your plans now!


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