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Sydney has been the capital state of New South Wales and stood at a pace of the most populous city in Australia & Oceania. While making the first impression, Sydney is full of some mesmerizing harbour and beaches with an immense amount of outdoor activities such as art, music, food & much more. Additionally, The land is full of nature reserves and parks that are notably full throughout the year with national and international tourist. This has made Sydney stood among the top 15 most visited cities worldwide. With all this, the businesses can’t risk relying upon some third party internet service provider. For Tackling this major issue, NBN comes into play. While there are over 100 NBN service providers available in Sydney, Choosing one can be difficult as there are always big and small in everything. Let’s find out Aqua Mobiles can make it easy.

Choosing Aqua Mobile

At AquaMobile however, we are new in the market still our goodwill and customer satisfaction rates are on the peak. With a competitive pricing policy, We are focused on values and will not charge you any extra. Neither there are any setup fees so that you have complete flexibility over your demands. With all this, you will get a combination of consistently high evening speeds and support. Moreover, You can choose your plans with a complete set of customization.

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What Speed Do I Need?

We report on Four primary speed tiers for NBN plans 12/1 ( NBN Bronze) 25/5 (or NBN Silver), 50/20 (NBN Gold) and 100/40 (NBN Platinium). While a lot of individuals are still on 12/1 and 25/5 plans, a large number of providers have stopped offering them, now using the 50/20 speed as their most running option.

The numbers indicate the speeds of both the maximum download and upload rate a chosen plan can actually achieve.

● 12/1 = 12 megabits per second download, and 1 megabit per second upload

● 25/5 = 25 megabits per second download, and 5 megabits per second upload

● 50/20 = 50 megabits per second download, and 20 megabits per second upload.

● 100/40 = 100 megabits per second download, and 40 megabits per second upload.

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